Seeking organizations for the Yes Lab at Hemi

By Andy Bichlbaum on May 9 2012 - 5:41pm Tagged:

We are looking for organizations that would like to be working with us starting in February of 2014!  
Email if you, or someone you know, is interested.

The Yes Lab is seeking five activist organizations or coalitions who would like to work with the Yes Men, and with eager (and brilliant!) students, to develop and execute sexy, creative media-activism projects around their own campaign goals. Interested orgs should fill out this questionnaire before January 15.

Previous Yes Lab projects involving organizations and students have focused on goals around the issues of police violence, immigration, hydrofracking, Wall Street, smartphone production, coal power, and the Tar Sands. (Two more such projects are currently in development.)

What organizations can gain:

  • a project that brings media attention to a precise campaign goal;
  • the coaching of the Yes Men, and of previous Yes Lab participants;
  • the opportunity to recruit eager, brilliant NYU students, who could continue working with you in other capacities;
  • the development of skills and knowledge enabling you to develop more such projects on your own in the future, without anyone's help.

Each organization must have a New York presence, and will need to commit (1) at least two folks to spend time crafting and guiding the project (mainly at NYU's Hemispheric Institute) beginning this September, (2) a small amount of money to cover expenses and project costs, and (3) a clear campaign goal for the project. In more detail:

GOAL: Interested organizations will need to come in with a clear campaign goal—e.g. to affect public debate, push for legislation, stop a certain practice, embarrass a particular company or politician, etc.

FUNDING: We're asking participating organizations to contribute $500 total:

  • $200 to cover workshop expenses (food, operating and administrative costs) throughout the semester
  • $300 to support any projects developed (domain registration, printing, props, etc.)

If this is a dealbreaker, talk to us! We'll work with you to find fundraising options.

TIME: Most importantly, each organization must commit the time of at least two people (in New York):

  • one core member who will serve as project manager/bottom-liner
  • at least one other member or volunteer who will also help make the project happen

These two (or more) people must be able to commit to attending (40 hours total over the course of the semester, all at the Hemispheric Institute):

  • two full-day brainstorms and work days, at which they will brainstorm projects and learn media activism techniques
  • one workshop per week for the rest of the semester (TBD, but most likely Fridays lunchtime for 1.5 hours) to offer and receive feedback

Also, the participants must be able to devote sufficient time outside of the workshop to guide the project team and, if need be, to accomplish the project themselves (estimate: at least 40 hours over the course of a semester).

If you know of an organization that would like this kind of challenge and opportunity, please forward them this message and direct them to fill out this questionnaire before January 15, 2014. Any questions can be directed to

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